by wherethebirdssleep

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LandY This is some good emotional music. I feel like this album is coming straight from the heart. It doesn't let me indifferent emotionnaly. I really love that. Favorite track: cigarette.
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Produced by Daniel Witczak in Aurora Studio.


released June 13, 2015



all rights reserved


wherethebirdssleep Poznań, Poland

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Track Name: cigarette
leaving the darkness
once again
but when it's too bright
you can't see things clear
another reason for living
hidden in few smiles
and once again it flew
with cigarette's smoke

and maybe this time
there's nothing left
Track Name: broken
broken bodies, broken souls,
broken streets and broken homes.

where are the hearts?
where are the hearts?
let me know!
please! let me know! let me know...

i would like to have a choice
this place is not for me

please let me go from this place
please let me go! Let me go!
Track Name: god's plan
praying for months, begging

between the chapel and hospital room
he lived and loved

"that was a god's plan" said some old man
making it all
even harder to swallow

he fell to his knees and looked in the sky
why did you took her away?! why?!

all his despair turned to madness
he took this cross
and broke it like match
Track Name: burthen
that burthen of my own unnatural self,
the heavy weight of many a weary day
not mine, and such as were not made for me.
long months of peace (if such word bold accord
with any promises of human life),
long months of ease and undisturbed delight
are mine in prospect; whither shall I turn,
by road or pathway, or through trackless field,
up hill or down, or shall some floating things
upon the river point me out my course?
Track Name: youth
he blame himself for what he did to you.
the places where he was heading
destroyed his peace.

he decided to move
but he had a lot to lose
pieces of man crumbled to dust.
he didn't see it.

but he promised...

nothing is gonna happen
nothing is gonna happen
To you...

nothing is gonna happen
my darling
my youth!

i promise
never again!'
Track Name: guilty of anything
he felt like he was different
he was guilty, he was sick
he never felt the glory, his mind was a trick
he knew the truth, which has never been.
he was a lost boy, who had his dreams.

the colors of the childhood lost their luster.
all turned to gray.
sandpit was full
now is nobody there

the story is heartbreaking
but who was never grim?
The boy left his body
to try to live.

he crossed the gate,
he didn't know who he was,
he began anew
like he was never born